Justin Bieber gave an impromptu performance in a bar on Friday night, treating patrons of the Fifth Pubhouse in Toronto to two songs on the piano.

According to Noisey, Justin was hanging around the bar alone, drinking and watching the basketball game when "the spirit moved him to the keyboard," which is the most Justin Bieber-y thing ever said. He then played a stripped down version of his song "Sorry."

He also played "Let it Be" by The Beatles. Here is his rendition (in part) of the famous song.


Whether you are a fan or not, you have to admit that Justin sounded pretty damn good.

Noisey reports that Biebs was rewarded for the free concert by receiving an "entire bar tab worth of free drinks," which he definitely could have afforded all on his own but was a very nice gesture on behalf of the bar.

Hey Justin, do you play birthday parties and bar mitzvahs?