That is so Princess Di. (via)

At this point, Justin Bieber could find the cure for ALS and still manage to ruin it by making the announcement while smoking a blunt in crotch-drop pants (because he would totally do that). You can't even call him divisive anymore because the only people left defending his behavior are people on his payroll and girls who have invested so much money in Bieber bed sheets and curtains that they're kind of stuck with him until they can move out of their parent's house.


So it's no surprise that after he was struck from behind by a paparazzi while driving his $230,000 Ferrari, he was going to catch shit no matter who was at fault. According to TMZ, the collision happened after Bieber intentionally slammed on his brakes because a photographer driving a Prius was tailgating him.

Bieber hasn't given his version of the incident yet, but because there is some universal law that says no Bieber story is complete without him acting like a D-bag, he did send out a tweet about the crash in which he referenced Princess Diana, which made everyone nuts.

The worst thing about the tweet is that he happens to be right. Chasing Justin Bieber around in your car isn't journalism, it's stalking. Driving around Los Angeles is dangerous and shitty enough without having to deal with Bieber-hunters engaged in an 80mph photo shoot of a 20-year-old stoner in a race car.

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