Each of those dollars represents one teen girl's false ideas about her celebrity sweetheart.

This story is like a Russian doll of disappointment, for so many people and in so many ways.

First we have Justin Bieber, who has been genetically designed to give young women (and 33-year-old nutjobs with $100K to drop on plastic surgery) an impossible ideal of a baby-faced nice boy. Now that that has been accomplished, he has moved on to phase two: destroying his image in the most public and lewd way possible. He's a grown man now, and grown men like to do responsible things like hurl thousands of dollars at a woman who will show you things that millions of women are desperately trying to show you for free. It doesn't matter that every time he asked for a lapdance, he was shattering those millions of ladies' vain dreams of meeting Justin at a DQ on his way to a concert, and having an interesting conversation morph into a whirlwind romance where he admits that he always wanted to find a fan who truly understood him.

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