If Donald Trump's worried about sketchy happenings at the polls this election, he need look no further than notorious bad boy Justin Timberlake. In an effort to promote early voting in his hometown of Memphis, JT basically rigged the election by snapping a selfie.

Well, take a good look at the Instagram before this callous attempt at "getting out the vote" is flagged and removed by Instagram as a completely obscene disregard for voting law.


You do know about Tennessee's restrictions on taking photos at the polls, right?

According to ABC's sadly useful guide to where you can take a "ballot selfie," Tennessee "voters are not allowed to take photos or videos while in polling places."

Oh, snap. JT, you rebel.

Twitter's obviously furious about this. Just look at one woman's seething reaction:


Although the law also says electronics are "only allowed... for informational purposes to assist during voting," so Timberlake could probably spin this outrageous stunt as some sort of educational experience.

Oh well. We'll get you eventually, TIMBERLAAAAAAAKE.