An "insider" tells People that Kanye West is still struggling within the walls of UCLA Medical Center. Admitted for exhaustion shortly before Thanksgiving, sources are now leaking the juicy gossip that he's suffering from "paranoia."

What could he possibly have to be paranoid about—when people close to him are constantly and anonymously leaking details of his hospital stay?

According to People, Kim Kardashian West "acts very concerned. She says he has yet to be diagnosed, but she uses words like paranoia and explained that Kanye thinks everyone is out to get him. The only person Kanye trusts is Kim."


This source is apparently "close to the family," and West would be forgiven for not trusting this person.

"In the hospital he has been very paranoid and is under constant watch for his safety," says the source, making sure he's also under "constant watch" in the media.