All the famous times the Kardashians got naked, ranked.

All the famous times the Kardashians got naked, ranked.

The Kardashians maybe spend at least 50 percent of their time naked, so here's a definitive ranking of some of their most famous nude moments. What we learned: Kim is by far the nakedest, but her sisters can occasionally give her a run for her money.

13. The Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape.

It's one of the most famous celebrity sex tapes ever—so why so low? Well, even though it's what helped catapult the Kardashians to fame, leading to conspiracy theories that the Kardashians themselves leaked the tape, Kim calls it one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, and it seems quite plausible that it wasn't intended for a wider audience. In which case, watching the tape is gross and violating, even though everyone you know probably watched it anyway.

12. The "Famous" music video.

All the famous times the Kardashians got naked, ranked.

Just because Kim likes getting naked doesn't mean that her husband Kanye West had to drag people such as Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, and Anna Wintour into it (though I have to admit I don't feel bad for Bill Cosby). The video isn't linked here, because, even as a huge Kanye West fan, I find it disgusting and violating.


11. Khloé by the pool.

Trade Marked ™

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That pose looks hard to hold.

10. The "Bound 2" music video.

The music video equivalent of TMI.


9. Kim in GQ, 2014.


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*Devil Wears Prada Miranda Priestly​ voice* "Nudity? In a bed? Groundbreaking."

8. Kendall Jenner in GQ, 2015

and another from my cover story @GQ

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The most demure Kardashian looks a little uncomfortable in this topless shot for GQ.


7. Whatever this is.

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Okay, sure.

6. Kim, GQ, 2016.

A smarter, funnier set of nude photos than more explicitly sexualized magazine shots.


5. Kourtney proves she also has a butt.


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It's not just Kim!

4. Kim, W, 2010.

#TBT shooting my @wmag cover

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Probably the most underrated nude photoshoot of Kim's career—she famously cried when she saw these photos on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She's crazy, of course. She looks great, and the photoshoot is actually interesting—sexy without being exploitative.


3. Kim has nothing to wear.

This censored picture manages to actually be kind of endearing thanks to the sheer shamelessness of it, right down to the corny joke. Kim Kardashian is just a simple woman with an insane body. That's who she is, and she owns it.

2. Kim doubles down.

Though this naked shot of Kim isn't as famous as the previous selfie, she released it amid the firestorm of criticism she got from assholes about the previous photo, making it almost kind of a political statement, if you squint.



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1. Kim "breaks the Internet."

Happy Birthday to our 2014 #BreakTheInternet cover star @kimkardashian! 🎉🎂

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Sure, the cover of Kim Kardashian's 2014 PAPER magazine issue is a rip-off of another photo, but the gleefulness of the nudity in the issue is fun. Kim Kardashian doesn't have the kind of body you write poems about; she has the kind of body you make summer blockbusters about. She has the Furious 7 of bodies, and who the f*ck doesn't love Furious 7?