Halloween is a fun time of year for costumes and trick-or-treating and spooky stuff and candy, and candy, and candy, and oh my god, I want to die.

Resisting the urge to eat all the candy in sight every Halloween is no small feat. As a kid, my mom used to take away my candy and then ration it to me in small doses over time, because I lacked willpower then, just as I do now.

Kate Hudson took a slightly different approach to keeping her kids from hitting the Halloween candy too hard. The newly-buzzed movie star turned to a tried-and-true parental method: instilling fear.

Hudson shared a video of her tactic on Instagram, where it's wracked up over a million views in two days:

Figured out how to keep the kids from eating too much Halloween candy 👻🎃😱

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"Figured out how to keep the kids from eating too much Halloween candy," she wrote. As you can see from the video, the candy bowl comes to life and scares away the kids before they even get the chance to grab a handful.

Seems pretty darn effective! And, sure, these kids may be plunged into a cold sweat from now on, every time they see a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. But AT LEAST THEY WON'T HAVE CAVITIES.