You learn something new every day; today, I learned that Kate Middleton would probably enjoy the infamous Inside Amy Schumer sketch about how hard it is for women to accept a compliment.

Middleton spent the day in Warsaw, where, according to the Mirror, she spent time visiting not just at Poland's tourist sites but also chatting with a group of students who waited amongst the crowd of adoring fans to get a word with the Duchess and Prince William.

One student, 21-year-old Magda Mordaka, told the Mirror that her and her friends waited for Middleton outside the presidential palace because “We are fans of the British monarchy. We have a Facebook group."


"We love her style, and her contact with people," she said. "We were waiting for this visit from the very beginning. What would she wear? Would she bring the children?" (Even this excitement, it's clear, is more about Middleton's physical presence than any of her actions as a royal. The students apparently aren't hoping for words of wisdom from Kate; they just want to see her in the flesh.)

When they did get the chance to interact with Middleton, the students complimented her on her style and beauty. Middleton wasn't having it. "We were telling her that she is beautiful and perfect, but she said it's not true - it's just the make-up," says Mordaka.


This could go two ways. Middleton is either an incredible role model who doesn't want students to think that beauty is important, or she finds it inelegant, rude, and/or difficult to accept a compliment. Keeping in mind the fact that Middleton is likely told she's beautiful a hundred times per day — if not by Prince William, then at least in tabloid headlines — we're hoping its the former.

If anyone happens to have the Duchess of Cambridge's email, please do send this her way: