Oh noooooooo. My favorite probably-a-couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, are rumored to have split up after three years of probably-dating, Page Six reports. This is very probably-sad.

The split of the couple, who have been rumored but never confirmed to be dating for three years, was reported by Radar. And a source told Page Six that it was because Foxx didn't want to make the relationship public. "Jamie wants to continue to act like the carefree guy he is in public," said the source. "Eventually, the question had to come about whether he was committed enough to the relationship."


The reasons for their split are just about as murky as their entire relationship, though at this point we are about 96% sure that they were together.

Here's what we know:

Holmes and Foxx, which sounds like a hip law firm, were first rumored to be dating back in 2013. But Foxx adamantly denied it in several interviews, and Holmes has refused to discuss her dating life publicly at all. Then this past June, Claudia Jordan, a Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and close friend of Foxx's, confirmed that they were dating. "He is very happy with her," she said. "I like that he seems very happy." But then she tried to take it all back, claiming she "misspoke." Sorry, but that's just not a thing.


So why would these two work so hard to keep their love on the DL? It might be Tom Cruise's fault, which is somehow not surprising. The actor allegedly forced ex-wife Katie Holmes to sign this weird contract that prohibited her from dating anyone publicly for five years after their divorce, which does sound like a very Tom Cruise thing to do.

As far as the report of their rumored breakup, neither of their reps were available to comment. So the question is: if a relationship happens between two celebrities in private, but no reps were around to comment, did that relationship even happen at all? And if not, WHY AM I SO SAD IT'S OVER?