Katy Perry got an extreme haircut and now people think she looks like Justin Bieber.

Katy Perry got an extreme haircut and now people think she looks like Justin Bieber.

If you think you've had a roller coaster of a year, your adventures pale compared to the wild ride happening on top of Katy Perry's head.


First the 32-year-old singer dyed her signature brunette locks blonde. Then, last month, she chopped off her hair and shaved the sides. Which is all the rage this year (or any year if you're Kim Jong-un).

And THEN, just as we were settling in to life with Katy Perry's new haircut, she went and did this, without even warning us first:

✨fifth element flow✨

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That's right, she pulled a Kristen Stewart, and no one saw it coming. According to the caption, "fifth element flow," Perry thinks she looks like Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element.


But most people seem to think she looks more like Justin Bieber, and someone named "Halsey" who I just learned about today. Apparently they all look the same.


We have to figure this out. Who do you think Katy Perry looks like with her new haircut?



One of my favorite looks from this very busy week. 🌹

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Justin Bieber?

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Bruce Willis in 1997 fantasy classic film-that-changed-my-life-forever, The Fifth Element?


Eminem when he was blonde for a while?


This hamster?

And more importantly: is Katy Perry okay? Because once I changed my haircut three times in a 3-month period and yes I had just gone through a breakup and no, I was not taking it well. So, I get it, Katy Halsey Stewart Bieber—I mean Perry. Big hugs!