Normally when Katy Perry is causing a ruckus on social media, it's because she got a new haircut or responded to dating rumors. On Wednesday night, however, Perry posted a controversial Instagram that led to full-on outrage in the comments section.

Perry posted an image of the Hindu goddess Kali with the caption, "current mood."

current mood

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Some Instagram commenters were not pleased. They accused Perry of disrespecting the Hindu goddess Kali, who is considered a divine protector of the Hindus, and for offending her Indian fans.

Some people thought the Instagram was so offensive to the Hindu religion that Perry should remove it. They took to the comments to let her know.


Others defended the singer, arguing that it didn't seem like she meant the picture of the goddess to be offensive.


Whether or not you think Perry's Instagram was offensive, there is one thing we know for sure: The internet will never agree on anything.

Sources: Elite Daily