You might think that someone as famous and beautiful as Katy Perry wouldn't have to worry about whether or not she looks hot, but apparently you'd be wrong. The superstar posted a sexy picture of herself on Instagram, which looked like she'd found by Googling "Katy Perry hot." Fair enough. And the reason she did it is adorable and pretty funny.

was feeling insecure about my last two posts so

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The caption for the Instagram read, "Was feeling insecure about my last two posts so." Hey, can't blame a person for wanting to look their best, but what were those last two posts anyway?


The first picture was of Katy Perry getting a jaw massage (how awesome does that sound?), which probably isn't the most flattering time to take a pic. But it's real, and she posted it, because she's Katy Perry and she does what she wants!

The other Instagram she was referring to was a throwback pic of herself chillin' in a sports bra in front of a computer. She joked in the caption that the pic would be the cover of her fourth album, and then added, "Happy April Fools!"


She may not be happy with how she looks in those two Instagram pictures, but they're very #relatable content. It shows she's a real human, who doesn't always look like she just stepped out of a music video. And it's okay to then post a hot picture to make up for the not-as-hot ones. Whatever it takes to make you feel your best, Katy. We love you either way.

Sources: h/t Elle