On October 25, Katy Perry turned 32-years-old. Since she's still so young, she decided to prove it by shading an old enemy on social media, swaying from side to side to that Kanye song at his concert in L.A.

Her eyes say it all. Specifically, they say "I still don't like Taylor Swift."

Yup, that's Perry making crazy eyes during the song "Famous" while the lyrics "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that bitch famous" blare in the background.


Swift and West feuded over the song for months, ultimately resulting in "snakegate" (a term nobody uses because it's dumb.)

Perry's been out to subtly shade Swift ever since their love lives intertwined with John Mayer, their dancers started switching sides mid-tour, and the song "Bad Blood" came out.

In the midst of snakegate (gonna make this term a thing though), and Calvin Harris' Twitter revelations that Swift tried "bury" someone named "Katy," Perry shared the following tweet.


All of this is to say, Katy Perry's still coming for Taylor Swift.

Or like, sure, she may have just been enjoying the Kanye West concert.