Kelly Clarkson might have just revealed that she's having twins, or she might have misspoken, or she might be playing a long-term mind game to make a social statement about celebrity-obsessed Americans. Really, anything is possible, because in a radio interview with local Texas radio station 103.7 KVIL, the pregnant pop singer said, "I'm going to be everywhere once I get these kids popped out and done."

What's going on, Kel?
What's going on, Kel?

Yeah, she said the plural "kids," indicating that there might be a few babies rumbling around in there. The interviewers immediately caught what Clarkson said—shout out to Fort Worth's radio hosts for being on their game!—and pressed her for more info. But she just laughed. It seemed like a cool opportunity to be like, "Oh, let me clarify, there is only one baby. I understand why you thought that, but this is a misunderstanding, and I'll be having a singular child." But she totally didn't. Which is pretty suspicious, though not as definitive as an ultrasound.

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