What birthday present do you get for a kid who already has it all? North West turned four-years-old on June 15th, and it must be tough to pick out the perfect gift for the tiny Kardashian, especially after the spawn of Kimye was already given the cutest, fluffiest puppy imaginable. Do you get her a personal photographer? Baby Jimmy Choos? Her first contour kit?

North's Aunt, model Kendall Jenner, nailed it by giving her niece a distinctly un-Kardashianish gift: a science book!

North's mother Kim Kardashian uploaded this video showing off the thoughtful present:


Not only did Kendall provide the book, but she also picked out her favorite experiments and supplied all the necessary ingredients to conduct them. Who knows, maybe North will be the next Marie Curie.

Sticky slime today, a cure for cancer tomorrow.