In the Kardashian power rankings, which likely dictate how much their mother Kris Jenner loves them, Kendall Jenner isn't having that great a year. I'd say she's listed second to last, above only Rob Kardashian, whose revenge porn rampage could wind him up in jail.

But Kendall's notorious "misguided Pepsi ad" was pretty damn bad, and according to a huge Kendall fan account, the time has come to quit the supermodel.

"What, was this bad or something?"
"What, was this bad or something?"

Kendall Updates, a popular Twitter account that has over 30,000 followers and described itself as "the #1 source for everything Kendall Jenner," wrote up a savage thread of why they've officially decided to "unstan" her.

For those who don't know the words of the youths, to "stan" is to be a hugely dedicated fan of a celebrity, and therefore, to "unstan" is to revoke your support.

In savage detail, the former Kendall stans have listen all the reasons they hate her now, and it's glorious.


Reason #1: This racially insensitive Vine with Justin Bieber.

Reason #2: This racially insensitive shirt.

Reason #3: These racially insensitive photoshoots (a theme is emerging!)


Reason #4: Her friendship with Ian Connor, an accused serial rapist.

Reason #5: This racially insensitive disguise (we're back!)

Reason #6: Trolling the paparazzi.

Reason #7: The dumb-ass ad and her lack of apology.

Reason #8: Lying about her work ethic.


Reason #9: Taking her fans for granted.

Reason #10: Chillin with ASAP "All Lives Matter" Rocky

Reason #11: These dumb-ass shirts.

Reason #12: Her general rejection of criticism.


Reason #13: Kylie.

Reason #14: Her entourage.

The team said goodbye with a final PSA about the nature of celebrity.


And LOL, it doesn't look like she's going to take their advice.