Quality theater isn't usually what Kendall and Kylie Jenner are known for, yet to everyone's surprise they made a series of fun and entertaining videos about a serial womanizer named Harry in tiny Snapchat-length installments Monday night. It's not quite the Zola story, but it genuinely feels like the kind of fun dumb video you might make with your friends in college (if you skipped college and instead bought a really fancy apartment from which to run a social media empire). Starring Kylie as "Girlfriend #1" (Editor's note: I'm just assigning them character names), musician Harry Hudson as "Harry" (Ok, that one was in the script), fashion model Hailey Baldwin as "Girlfriend #2" and Kendall as "Girlfriend #3," this short soap opera is a cautionary tale about having sex with too many models and celebrities at the same time. An important moral if there ever was one:

Sources: h/t HuffPo