Kevin Hart's ex reportedly rubs salt in his cheating wounds after his Instagram apology to his wife.

Kevin Hart's ex reportedly rubs salt in his cheating wounds after his Instagram apology to his wife.

On Monday, Hollywood Life reported a statement from someone close to Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart's ex-wife, who's apparently feeling "vindicated" after her ex-husband was forced to allude to his cheating "mistakes" amid an extortion attempt. Via Hollywood Life:

“Life is looking good for Torrei right now,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s been able to stay out of the mess surrounding Kevin and Eniko. She definitely feels a little vindicated.

Karma is definitely a b*tch and it’s all unfolding right now.

Especially with Eniko stirring up trouble with her comments recently. Torrei’s not going to say it right now but she was right all along. Look everyone makes mistakes so Torrei isn’t going to put gasoline on this fire. She’s focusing on her haircare business, her upcoming book and her career, which is blowing up!”

You should take any anonymously sourced, salacious quotes with a grain of salt almost as large as the one that Torrei Hart apparently just threw in Kevin's wounds.

If she did leak that statement to the press, though, it'd be hard to blame her.

Torrei Hart had previously called Hart's current wife, Eniko Parrish, the "woman who broke up [my] marriage." Parrish responded by saying that Torrei was "[playing] the victim."

In July, we wondered aloud if memes could absolve Kevin Hart of the sasquatch-level grainy footage that emerged of him reportedly cheating on his wife.


Back then, Hart had shared a meme instead of denying the veracity of the footage. "At the end of the day, you just gotta laugh at the BS," Instagrammed Hart.

#LiveLoveLaugh .....SMDH

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Unfortunately for the comedian, his defense fell apart this weekend as he returned to Instagram to admit he had "made a bad error in judgement."


Someone had apparently tried to use "video of Hart in a sexually provocative situation with a woman who is not his wife," according to the Daily Beast, to extort him. He chose to go public rather than give them anything.

It's worth noting that Eniko Parrish is eight months pregnant and does not deserve any of this.