Khloe Kardashian tweeted out a picture of her wearing the now infamous Marc Jacobs deadlocks, and people reacted to them the same way they reacted when they were on the runway to begin with. Who could have predicted that?

Why, Khloe? This was part of an attempt to try out Spring '16 runway looks for her website, and according to Buzzfeed, who coughed up the subscription fee, she "despised" how they looked on her.


I absolutely despise this on me! I think dreads are really cool but the rainbow combined with the dreads is just too much on me. But how cute is my little Kenny with her dreads walking in the show?! Werk sissy, werk!!

Well, the public reviews are in, too, and the general response is: not kool, Khloe.


This is becoming a family tradition. Remember when Kylie kept wearing kornrows?

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Who will be the next family member to pull this stunt? Find out on the next episode of Kultural Appropriation with the Kardashians.