Khloé Kardashian appeared on Ellen yesterday and gave an update about (complicated, technical) husband Lamar's Odom's progress. (The former NBA player suffered brain and other organ damage after falling into a coma last month.) She explained that it's going to take a while for Lamar to heal, as he's still relearning how to walk and talk. It varies from day to day how much he knows what's going on, but he's able to laugh, as evidenced by his reaction to watching Ellen. Khloé says that the couple halted their divorce for the moment because she loves Lamar and is his support system during this time. Yet she also has a boyfriend, which she joked basically makes her a "polygamist." The audience seemed unsure if they were supposed to laugh at that, but Ellen quickly put everyone at ease by explaining the rules of polygamy.

Sources: YouTube: The Ellen Show