Kim Kardashian thought this was just some random fan who wanted a photo.

Kim Kardashian thought this was just some random fan who wanted a photo.

The Cash Me Outside Girl, Danielle Bregoli, has made headlines for her Kardashian hatred in the past. She once promised to... well, in her own words:

"Bitch I will whoop every Kardashian ass there is."

That was back in February, the same month a radio station asked her about Kylie Jenner. On that topic, she elaborated. "I don't like her. Like the way that she does shit, like urgh... It seems like she wants attention so bad. Like little bitch would do anything."

Nice !

So it surprised some celebrity gossip outlets when Bregoli posted this Instagram with none other than Kim Kardashian:

See, I can play nice too 😇🖤

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"See, I can play nice too," wrote Bregoli.

TMZ quickly editorialized that the two stars had "peaced out" with one another. But! That wasn't true. This was so important to Kim Kardashian's team that they apparently reached back out to TMZ to clarify that no peace was made. In an update to TMZ's original article:


Sources close to Kim tell us she had no idea who Danielle was, and was only introduced as "a fan" and not the "Cash Me Outside" girl. They say Kim took pics with several fans.

Kim Kardashian, like many of you—dear readers—had no idea who Bregoli was. Apparently, no one had done the customary, "this is the Cash Me Outside girl" introduction (to which you are obligated to respond: "Oh, how bow dah?").

Specifying that you do not know another celebrity is the gossip version of a hot dis track. How dare anyone assume that the Cash Me Outside catchphrase is on the level of "stretch marks are my biggest fear of life."


The title of this post will be controversial. Some will disagree, and say "it is" just some random fan who wanted a photo with Kim Kardashian. But it is not. It's the Cash Me Outside Girl herself, Danielle Bregoli. Her of Dr. Phil fame. She who has become a powerful viral sensation based entirely on a gif.

Kardashian and Bregoli have beef. Please let it continue.