Here's something really interesting—have you ever noticed how much Kim Kardashian's daughter North looks like her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush's daughter Briseis? A post on Cafemom just pointed out the similarities, and the two little girls could seriously be twins.

Here's Kim Kardashian and North:


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And here's the wife of football player Reggie Bush, Lilit, and their daughter, Briseis.

Happy Mothers Day Baby 🌹 @lilitslife

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Kardashian and Bush have been broken up a long time, and no one is suggesting anything untoward. The reason the kids look almost identical has to be due to the fact that Lilit Bush looks so very much like Kim Kardashian! Check it out. It's seriously unnerving.

Here's Lilit:


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That's not Kim Kardashian, but boy howdy, she could definitely be a professional lookalike (if she wanted to, which she probably doesn't).

Here are some more pictures of the little girls, both 4 years old.




The two little girls look so much alike that someone commented on an Instagram of Briseis (the picture in the lower right corner of the composite pic), "North?"


Both are such beautiful girls, from beautiful moms. It'll be interesting to see how much they continue to look alike as they grow older.