Kim Kardashian West has been silent since the Paris robbery two weeks ago that left her bound, gagged, and begging for her life. And it isn't because she can't use her phone without her stolen $4.5 million dollar ring; she has made some big changes.

Folks guessing this was all a publicity stunt are going to have to triple down on that conspiracy because sources say Kim is deferring from the spotlight indefinitely.

According to an inside source at People, "withdrawn" Kim has "zero desire to resume her old life.” She has been hiding in the Los Angeles home she shares with husband Kanye West, but only when he flies back between his Saint Pablo tour dates. When he is away, Kim takes her daughter North, 3, and son Saint, 10months, to stay at mother Kris' home.


Apparently, Kim's visits with Kris' and "important appointments" are the only times Kim leaves her home, and she's been shying away from any photographs or contact with her fans.

“Kim’s whole life has basically changed," the source continued. "Before, she was like a social butterfly. Now she acts much more withdrawn.”

While Kim has removed herself from the public, the rest of her family has been slowly reemerging. Last week Khloe Kardashian made an appearance on "Ellen" to say that the robbery was "a wakeup call."


Kim's 36th birthday is Friday. If she celebrates, she won't be doing anything big.

“Kim is still figuring out what she wants to do,” one source said. “She has no plans for any public appearances.”

“She just wants to be with her kids and out of public,” the source continued. “No one is pressuring her either. She has the best support from her family.”

This is obviously a huge shift from a person who is famous for being famous. Have all the haters finally gotten their way? Is this the end of Kim Kardashian West?