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Kim Kardashian reveals the R-rated reason she went blonde and Twitter can't handle it.

Kim Kardashian reveals the R-rated reason she went blonde and Twitter can't handle it.


In case you missed the worldwide memo, famous person Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde about a month ago. Not just blonde but PLATINUM blonde. That's a whole other level of blonde. That's blonde sipping Crystal in the VIP section of the club at 1 am then leaving in a limo with a hot rapper.

Whatever you may think of Kim and the Kardashian klan from which she hails, you have to admit: she looks f**king amazing with her new hair color.

Well, folks. Take a seat. Because we have just now learned that Kim may have had a very specific reason for going blonde. And it's R-rated so those of you under 18: AVERT YOUR EYES.

Can you guess? HINT: It's only one letter.

And that letter is....................................

Yup, folks. Kim has confirmed. She would, and did, go blonde "for that D" (you know which D, don't be shy):

Now this is clearly a nod to the #ForTheDChallenge that went viral on Twitter last month (check it out for a good time). But back in 2014, Kim did confirm that Kanye West prefers her hair blonde, saying: "I was talking about this the other day, actually, with Kanye. He asked if I would ever go back to blonde. Kanye likes the blonde, but I think I'm going to stay dark."

Twitter is going ballistic over the NSFW declaration:


Some are in shock.


Some are in awe.

Some say this tweet is RECORD-MAKING:

While others clapped back with some pretty brutal burns:

But I'm pretty sure Kim can handle a few burns. She probably won't even notice. She's too busy getting....... that D.

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