The concierge who was held at gunpoint while Kim Kardashian was robbed at her Paris hotel earlier this month says that the thieves were after cash, not Kim's jewelry.

The man, who was handcuffed and taken to the floor where Kim was staying during the robbery, told Entertainment Tonight that the language barrier between Kardashian and the thieves caused some confusion.

Kim believed the thieves wanted the $4.5 million ring that her husband Kanye West had given her, so she handed it over to them.

The concierge says one of the men kept pressing Kim for money, but she couldn't understand him, so the concierge told them she didn't have much cash on her. That's when they asked for more jewels.


There had been speculation that the robbers decided to target Kim after seeing her posts about her jewelry collection on Snapchat and Instagram, but the concierge says, "they weren't there for the jewels at first, they were there for the money."

The investigation into the robbery is still ongoing.