Kim K. took some time out from her Las Vegas party tour to dredge up last week's goss, and posted a vid of herself on Snapchat singing along to husband Kanye West's now infamous "Famous." But, not the whole song, just that one line.

"I made that bitch famous."

In case this is your first time online, the "bitch" he made famous here is Taylor Swift. And no matter what Kanye recorded during their phone convo, the "Shake It Off" singer still does not like those lyrics.


But Kimmy clearly does. Not only does her little karaoke move seem jealous and petty, it's also risky as hell. One of these days someone is going to write a song about what made her famous, and she'll be lucky if they just stick to how she used to be Paris Hilton's personal assistant.

Sources: h/t Perez Hilton