Kim Kardashian is letting Twitter chose North's new puppy's name via a poll, and the options couldn't be any more "Kim."

According to People, Kim and sister Kourtney recently adopted two sister puppies for their daughters, North West and Penelope Disick, respectively. Penelope ended up naming her fluffball "Honey," but it has been nearly 10 days and North still has not decided on a name.

Sister puppies for North & P! Penelope named hers honey. What should we name ours?

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Come on, North! It's time to follow in your dad's footsteps and make this bitch famous. Literally.

My little Northie! This face 😍😍

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Kim Kardashian decided to employ the powers of the internet by having fans vote on the puppy's name in a poll on Twitter. There are four stellar options to choose from:


Yes, Kim is actually asking people if her daughter should name her puppy "Baby Jesus." Coming from a woman who named her son Saint, are you really all that surprised?

But Twitter had other ideas when it came to the name:


And of course, a few people jumped down Kim's throat over the "blasphemous" name choice. Uh, maybe she should have went with "Baby Jesus H. Christ"?


But worry not, Jesus lovers of Twitter. I looks like "Peachy Pop" (which sounds like a lipstick color name, TBH) is the number one contender for the top spot.

Last week Kim and Kanye announced they would be hiring a surrogate to carry their third child. If the new dog doesn't get named "Baby Jesus," perhaps they will reserve the name for their new addition. Would you really even be surprised?