Are you in the mood for some spoilers? I could whip some up right now.

At this point, it would end up being a really interesting twist if Jon Snow was actually dead. No one would see it coming if it was revealed that what really happened when Jon Snow was killed onscreen was that he died. The most shocking thing that could happen in season six is if they buried him, mourned him, and never saw him again, whether in human, dire wolf, White Walker, or Azor Ahai form. Characters would miss him, but eventually, they move on. 

But no, as we all accept by now, Jon Snow is alive AF. And poor Kit Harrington has become a highly empathetic figure for not being allowed to say anything about it or change his hairdo. The most recent evidence in the case for Jon Snow being alive comes from an interview with Harrington in Belgian magazine Humo, which was then translated by someone on Reddit:

Sources: h/t Uproxx