Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard arguably have the most adorable relationship in Hollywood, and now they've given us another reason to envy them: They got to see Hamilton!

Lucky for us, Bell decided to document "Mommy and Daddy's night out!!!!" via Instagram videos. She took the first one when they got to their seats, waiting for Hamilton to start.

Bell and Shepard showed off their A+ theater snacks. "I've got chocolate-covered blueberries and the cutest man in town," said Bell.


"Where, where?" Shepard joked. "Is Brad Pitt here?"

Obviously, there were no updates while the show was going on, but Kristen Bell did provide a date night update at intermission.

When asked what he thought of the show so far, Dax Shepard joked that he thought it needed "more singing." He also said that his alternate title for Hamilton would be: "Hamiltoe, because of the outfits."


Can these guys document all of their date nights from now on?