Movie star and known wearer of butt pads Kristen Bell recently shared a parenting tip with Babble on what to do when your child goes into nuclear meltdown.

Known for being a mental health advocate and champion to breastfeeders everywhere, Bell has a hot tip to deal with toddler tantrums.

"If my child is acting a fool in the grocery store, the embarrassment is on her,” Bell tells Babble. “In truth, that shouldn’t make me feel a certain way."


Yooooo, that's the most zen parenting tip ever. She continues to say that any shame should be worked out on the parent's end first.

She’s going to act the way a child acts, and I’m not going to let that reflect on me or bring me down. That shouldn’t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed in any way. Only you can make you feel a certain way.

And as for the other people having to deal with your out-of-control kid? They probably aren't judging you as hard as you're judging yourself, anyway.


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