What is an "American Ultra?" Eh, let it live in mystery.

Casual sexism is pernicious, but it still baffles me that reporters ask female celebrities the same ridiculous questions. At this point, there have been so many jokes and protests about it, they must know what they're doing. Either reporters are being deliberately obtuse or they're digging their heels in: "I'll stop asking her what she's wearing when you pry the mic from my cold dead hand!!!!"

In this video Kristen Stewart gets to ask Jesse Eisenberg all the questions she still receives (why?!), like, "Who are your favorite designers?" and "Are you seeing anyone at the moment?" and "Do you have a favorite boob?" That last one is something I've been asked by men as well and I would never, ever have thought about it otherwise. Dudes, we know you just want to talk about our breasts! Stop trying to make it feel like a fun quiz.

Sources: Funny or Die