While, yes, the super-sexy Kylie Jenner likely gives people orgasm-orgasms, don’t underestimate the power she can have on the brain.

ASMR—Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response—is that warm fuzzy feeling you could get from sounds like sweet, soft whispering or the sizzles from a frying pan.

The internet is all about these tingles, with a subreddit dedicated to hitting the triggers and scientists investigating the cultural phenomenon.

YouTuber axxes discovered that Kylizzle's Snapchat is full of the "soft spoken, 's' sounds, vocal fry" that soothes the brain into a braingasm, covering it in brain-splooge.


There's a full trilogy of Kylie ASMR videos that show she's been speaking softly since the pre-lip injection days.

It was inevitable that two of the internet's favorite things would converge into one sensational trilogy.