Kylie Jenner may not be everyone's cup of Kombucha. But even if you can't stand the Kardashian/Jenner family institution, what Kylie did for her BFF, Jordyn Woods, is almost enough to make up for all the other stuff we love to hate.

Here's a pic of Jenner and Woods, her best friend of many years:

Sadly, Woods' dad passed away last week, only two weeks after being diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. The family set up a GoFundMe to cover medical expenses and memorial services. And if you scroll through the donations, you'll see this:


Ten-thousand dollars might be pocket change for Kylie Jenner (I bet she literally has $10,000 dollars in her pocket this very second), but it's still a generous contribution and a sweet thing to do for your best friend.

Turns out, Kylie is more than just a pretty face. She also has a big heart, and an even bigger bank account balance.


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