While Kylie Jenner is not really known for privacy (her Instagram could use a Parental Advisory label), she officially drew the line of what's too much to share when a post went up on her app about how she pleases her man, Tyga.

happy birthday baby 💋

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For $2.99 a month, fans with premium access on her app could read personal posts and get exclusive content, and Kylizzl appeared to have written about keeping Tyga happy, “[spicing] things up with lingerie, toys and massages.”


The post was quickly removed, and her staff (she has staff!) took the hit for posting it without her permission. But of course a fan caught a screenshot:

(As a writer-y person, I'm inclined to say that the scandal is that Kylie's blog posts are ghost-written, but no, it's the sexy stuff it describes.)

Kylie quickly took to Twitter to take it back.


While Kylie might have disapproved of the post, her ghostwriter actually has some good advice:

Get your man the personalized chopsticks he wants, and bake surprise cookies so you can eat them, too.