Last week, fans around the world were slightly shocked by allegations that Kylie Jenner had photoshopped a selfie on Instagram. Her waist, they alleged, could not possibly be so narrow.

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What's more, the commenters believed they had conclusive evidence of her deceit.

Aha! The jig is up! Did Ms. Jenner really think everyone would believe that she, one of the richest and most famous 19-year-olds on the planet, would live in a home with warped woodwork?


The outrage was immense. Jenner lost more than 100,000 Instagram followers over the controversy, leaving her with a paltry 93 million remaining. Ultimately, she was forced to defend herself in a Snapchat video. But was it convincing?

Oh. Yes, that's pretty convincing. It was a curtain.


In retrospect, that was very obvious from her other posts.

#HOT 🔥🔥🔥 #Song: Losing - H.E.R.

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It looks like the world owes Kylie Jenner, and her curtains, an apology.