If you're newly in love, there's no better way to ensure your relationship lasts forever than to permanently ink your love for each other on your bodies. It's foolproof and no one has ever regretted this decision.

JK! But no one tell Kylie Jenner, 19-year-old model and reality star, and her boyfriend since at least April, 25-year-old rapper Travis Scott, that relationship tattoos, much like relationships, don't always end well. Because let's not rain on their parade.

Rumor has it, these two lovebirds call each other "butterfly," ever since Scott released his single "Butterfly Effect" in May, according to Us Weekly. Soooooo, can you guess what tattoo they got??????


Yes, they got matching butterflies. On their ankles, according to pics Travis Scott shared on his Snapchat over the weekend, Us Weekly reports.

Here are the tattoos, which shall live on their bodies for as long as they both shall live (or until they breakup and get them laser-removed):

These tats are actually pretty adorable. Maybe we shouldn't be so jaded?

Besides, according to "a source," Jenner and Scott have been "nearly inseparable" since they were first spotted "getting cozy at Coachella" in April, Us Weekly reports. This was just a few weeks after Jenner split from long-term boo Tyga. But the same "source" told Us Weekly that this new couple is rock solid. "Travis is telling friends that he and Kylie are the real deal," said the source.


So that's good, because sources never lie! Let's hope they stay together forever—for the tattoos. Think of the tattoos!!!!

Sources: Us Weekly