When it comes to fashion and beauty, Lady Gaga knows what she's doing. I mean, you'd have to know what you're doing to pull off the stilettos-while-hiking look like she does. So, it's really no surprise that her new hair color is totally on point.

Somewhere in between starring in a movie with Bradley Cooper and rehearsing for her Joanne World Tour, Gaga found some time to give her blonde hair a bit of a peachy hue. She posted a photo of her new look to Instagram on Friday.

Like a summer peach 🍑 jus juicin' xoxo, Joanne #joanneworldtour #rehearsal

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"Like a summer peach," Gaga captioned the photo of her new color. "Jus juicin'."

Lady Gaga's new look is "juicin'" indeed. (We think. We're not really sure what it means.) Very subtle. Very summery. Gaga's going to match the cobbler at all her barbecues this year. We dig it.