When choosing hiking-appropriate apparel, most people prioritize comfort, something I personally achieve by not going hiking at all. But Lady Gaga is not most people, and she's not exactly famous for her practical outfit choices. You don't walk around in a meat dress because of your penchant for comfort.

So should we really be surprised that this is the outfit she recently chose to wear hiking? No, we should not.

The pop diva was recently photographed while out on a "hike" with her (extremely handsome) boyfriend Christian Carino. But technically it was more like a "parade" because a) she's Gaga. And b) she was wearing a long black skirt, a chic over-the-shoulder top that probably cost more than my rent, and Christian Louboutin heels—a brand of shoe made world-famous by one miss Carrie Bradshaw, so we know they're not practical.


On Twitter, everyone is bowing down to Gaga for this extremely Gaga-esque level of extra:


The trees are shook. And so is someone over at Buzzfeed:

"That trail has been canceled."

Find someone who loves you as much as Twitter loves Lady Gaga hiking in stiletto heels. Or as much as Lady Gaga loves punishing her body for the sake of fashion.