There's a lot of competition in the celebrities covering other celebrities game, but this one might take the crown:

Wow wow wowowoweeeee. I guess when i think of other covers that have been popular lately, I'm mostly thinking of Kelly Clarkson, who has done so many she should probably put out a covers album at this point. Lauryn Hill went on The Tonight Show and just blew her out of the water. Not that it's a competition...but Lauryn won.

"Feeling Good" is probably my favorite Nina Simone song. I did a photo slide presentation to it in H.S. (I'm so old I used slide projectors in H.S.), that was mostly pictures of people walking around New York looking excited to be alive. Or smoking cigarettes. Teenagers smoking cigarettes. This cover captures those old feelings perfectly: being young, wanting to be in love, realizing the projector is jammed, getting through your presentation, moving forward. This is a song about hope more than anything. Definitely hoping to see Lauryn Hill give more performance like this.

Sources: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon