King of Queens star Leah Remini used to be a Scientologist. She's not anymore, and for good reason. Remini is producing an eight-part documentary series on A&E called Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, where she and other former Scientologists are opening up about the abuses they suffered while they were involved with the church.

She recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and talked about some of her experiences with Scientology, including the pressure she received from church officials and even her fellow celebs.

Remini recalled one instance where church officials called her and pressured her to use her influence to get CBS (the network King Of Queens aired on) exec Les Moonves and ask him to kill a 60 Minutes report. You know who else was on that call? Tom Cruise.


"Tom is very protected in the church and the church will go to any means to ensure that he stays in," she said.

When Remini failed to convince Moonves to squash the report, she called back and told them that she'd tried. "They just weren’t happy that I couldn’t squash the story. I said, “I’m just a f—ing actress on television and I can’t demand that my boss take a f—ing report off the air,” she recalled.


Remini also recounted how the church interfered with her job on King Of Queens. When asked if the church involved itself in her career dealings, she responded:

You have to go in [to the church] every single day, so yes. It’s always, “Why are you not getting Kevin James in? You’re not setting a good example. You’re not getting the director in.” There was always pressure to make a Scientologist out of the people you were working with.

Remini says she never brought the subject up with James and that he was "always very respectful" of her beliefs.


You can read her full interview over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter