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Leah Remini loses her sh*t on Twitter after fans freak out at her for replacing another actress.

Leah Remini loses her sh*t on Twitter after fans freak out at her for replacing another actress.


Hell hath no fury like a pissed off New Yorker, and Leah Remini is not holding back on fans who are criticizing the season 2 premiere of her show, Kevin Can Wait.

But before we get to Remini going all Bensonhurst on people's asses, here's where the drama started:

Initially, Remini was not even on Kevin James' CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait, but after low ratings in the first season, she appeared on the series as a guest star. After seeing a huge spike in viewership thanks to Remini's presence, CBS decided it would be best to fire Erinn Hayes, the actress who plays James' wife Donna on the show, so they can bump Remini up to the female lead. Obviously the network is trying to relive those good ol' King of Queens glory days, and is ultimately pulling this move to save the program from being canceled.

Back in June, Hayes confirmed that she would not be returning to the program.

And the controversial move from CBS caused ire among Kevin Can Wait fans.


But alas, the network moved forward with the decision, and fans eagerly awaited the season 2 premiere of Kevin Can Wait to see exactly how the show would handle Hayes' departure.

Well, it turns out that in the first episode of season 2, the show acknowledged that Donna died (details as to how were fuzzy to say the least), and then jumped a year ahead in time, skipping all the non-comedic stuff that would come with a tragic death. In the episode, Donna's off-screen death is only mentioned twice, and both times it was very brief. Ultimately, no characters seemed too concerned about the death, and the show swiftly moved on.

Damn that's cold.

Well, many fans were not fond of how callously they handled Donna's death, and they aired their grievances about it on Twitter:


But soon Leah Remini caught wind of the complaints and started firing right back.

See? She can blast more than just Scientologists, people! Don't mess with her.

Cccording to TV By The Numbers, Monday’s premiere had 10 million viewers, so the new season is definitely off to a strong start. But can the show sustain those numbers, and will the controversial casting decisions ultimately be worth it in the long run?

Well, like Kevin, looks like we will just have to wait.

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