Earlier this week, Girls creator Lena Dunham spoke at the Hollywood Reporter's 2015 Women in Entertainment breakfast. She also simultaneously watched herself speak from the audience. Or at least it appeared that way in video from the event. As someone at Jezebel discovered, Dunham seems like she is onstage and then sitting at a table (all the way to the right of the frame) at the same time:

So what's the deal? Are your eyes deceiving you? Does Dunham have an hourglass necklace that lets her travel backward in time so she can take more classes at Hogwarts? Does she have an identical twin who works full-time warding off all the trolls who constantly harass her so at least one of them has time to run a TV show? Is the footage doctored to protect someone who was never supposed to be in the audience of Hollywood Reporter's 2015 Women In Entertainment breakfast? Someone who is, perhaps, a man?

Sources: Jezebel