Here's something that probably won't come as a huge shock: Malia Obama is an awesome intern.

Lena Dunham was recently interviewed on The Howard Stern Show and talked about Malia Obama's time as an intern on the set of Girls back in the summer of 2015.

"Obviously, we weren't making her go get our coffee," Dunham says of Obama. "But she wanted to do all the jobs, that was the cool thing. She was totally enthusiastic."


Dunham went on to say that in addition to being up for any task, she was also impressed by how smart Malia is. (No surprise there, given her brilliant and highly educated parents.) Dunham said,

She is so smart, I once asked her, "What's your favorite movie?" She was like, "Do you want me to list it by favorite, director, writer, or cinematographer?"

I was like, "You're smarter than me, let's just be done with this topic."

"She's done such a good job, and clearly her parents have done such a good job," Dunham continued. "When you see that family together, they're not performative."


Malia's time on Girls was just the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry. She's interning for film producer Harvey Weinstein before she heads off to Harvard in the fall.

You can listen to Lena Dunham's full segment with Howard Stern below. The final season of Girls premieres this weekend.