Since the 24-hour news-cycle increasingly feels like a written test of how much despair humans can absorb, it's important to take a breather and remember there are still reasons to feel joy. After all, how are we going to save the dying earth and stop the rise of fascism if we can't even make eye contact without our eyes bleeding sadness?!

According to a series of photos collected by Buzzfeed, the comedian and actress Leslie Jones fully tapped her ability to enjoy the moment at New York Fashion Week. And truly, it would do all of our souls well to follow her lead.


Jones sat in the first row at Christian Siriano's fashion show, and she was feeling the parade of wearable art.

So many fashion shows, and art shows in general could use this level of enthusiasm.

This is a surefire way to get people excited about the fall collection.

She is bringing so much life to the runway.


The Orange is the new Black cutie Danielle Brooks is also feeling Christian Siriano's creations.

This looks like the fun row to sit in at the show. I'd be clamoring to join the hype crowd.

The comedian made her love for the haute couture known, when she hyped up the model Coco Rocha during her catwalk.

"YAS! Come on out. Wooo! I love you," Jones yelled. Rocha loved it, and requested Jones be her permanent hype woman on Twitter. The job title "Fashion Week Hype Woman" sounds like the name of a comedic follow-up to The Devil Wears Prada.


Jones is down for the side-gig.

Sometimes, it's crucial to pull our heads out of the pit of existential sadness to holler at some couture.


Thank you for this blessed reminder, Jones.

Sources: Buzzfeed