Lindsay Lohan's 30th birthday is coming up, and according to Page Six, she can't find any brands that are willing to sponsor her party. Really? No takers at all? We have a feeling she might be going about this the wrong way. Lindsay, listen. It's all about asking the right people. You might not know it, but your movies have (probably) done wonders for a lot of different brands that we're sure would love to help you out. Here are some suggestions.


Your characters in The Parent Trap were the epitome of cool late '90s pre-teens. We all wanted to be just like you. When we found out that Hallie Parker and Annie James ate their Oreos with peanut butter, we all made our moms rush out to the store to buy Oreos so we could try it for ourselves. There's no way there wasn't a spike in sales after that film was released. Nothing sells a cookie like an adorable 12 year-old with a jaded outlook on love.