The internet is convinced that Lindsay Lohan is converting to Islam, but now a representative for the actress is denying rumors that she's decided to change her faith.

Speculation of Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam started circulating after she briefly returned from a social media hiatus to change her Instagram bio to "Alaikum salam," which means "and unto you be peace" in Arabic.

Lohan's mother Dina told Gossip Cop that her daughter had not converted to Islam and was simply taking a break from social media. A representative also confirmed that Lindsay had not changed faiths.


This isn't the first time rumors of Lindsay Lohan's religious affiliations have spread. Last year, she was pictured holding a copy of the Quran, and confirmed to The Sun that she was studying the religion.

“I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning," she said. The Sun noted that Lohan had not fully converted to Islam.

I know what you're thinking, internet. "But she took a break from her social media detox to change her Instagram bio! That has to mean something!"


Well, I'm sorry to report that, at least according to Lindsay's representatives and mother, it doesn't mean anything. And even if it does, it's none of our business what religion Lindsay chooses to practice. It's her life! JUST LET LINDSAY LOHAN LIVE HER LIFE, INTERNET!

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