I've seen enough seasons of Real Housewives to know that there's nothing human beings like more than REAL LIFE DRAMA. Here's the realest real life drama: famous people who have hated each other for, in some cases, decades. And yeah, 'ye and Tay are on the list.

1. Jon Stewart and Marc Maron (1990s-present)

The former host of The Daily Show and the current host of WTF have hated each other since they were up-and-coming comedians. And as both would probably admit, it's all Marc Maron's fault. "When you're a bitter person or a jealous person, you're going to have that one dude," said Maron on one talk show about the rivalry. "Like, he represents everything that you could have been. So there was a period of time in New York and in the world where you couldn't avoid Jon Stewart. He was on every magazine in New York. I would walk by magazine stands and two publications would have Jon just looking at me and I'd be like, 'Yeah, screw you!' I was yelling at magazines. That's how bad I was.