Apparently, Madonna felt that her $40 million Upper East Side townhouse didn't come with adequate parking. According to TMZ, Madonna (well, not Madonna personally, just, you know, "her people") just got caught putting up very official looking but completely fake "No Parking" signs on the block around the building in order to deter anyone from taking parking spaces she wanted to use for herself. They supposedly went so far as to have "No Parking" embossed into the cement in one place, and then having the curb painted yellow. WOW, ballsy move.

A neighbor caught onto her scheme, though, and contacted the NYC Department of Transportation about the mysterious signs. On March 23, an official visited and told Madonna's people that the signs had to be removed immediately. You almost got away with it, Madge! If only it hadn't been for that meddling neighbor.

Sources: Fox 5 Ny