Worldwide mega-diva Mariah Carey can sing circles around most people, but when it comes to posting photos of chilling at the home she shares with a billionaire, well, she still seems like a mega-diva. (If you're wondering why you're hearing so much about Mariah today, it's a rare double appearance after she brought back her "character" Bianca on Instagram.) For example, in December, Mariah demanded the world gaze upon her annual Aspen vacation—and now she's making pizza. Well, she certainly took a photo near pizza, anyway.

In this photo posted to Facebook with the caption "Making #pizza :) :) :) #Italy", Mimi would like us to believe that she is making brick-oven pizza—a process that involves lots of flour, tomato sauce, and soot—while wearing spotless white silk lingerie and high heels.


Making #pizza 󾌬󾌬󾌬 #Italy

Posted by Mariah Carey on Sunday, April 17, 2016

As one commenter says, "Love Mariah but girl we know you don't cook. Silk and pizza, girl bye."

Sources: Mariah Carey on Facebook