Over the years, Mark Hamill has firmly established himself as way cooler than Luke Skywalker, despite the former's lack of Jedi powers. For one thing, Hamill's autographs are hilarious. Steve Grad's collection of '70s ​Star Wars cards—upon which Hamill left his own unique mark—have gone viral on Imgur for Hamill's witty and sometimes outrageous signing statements.

Hamill tells it like it is.

Ah, these movies make much more sense now.


Hamill was definitely excited to write this one.

But actually.

Hope he doesn't have grandkids. Oh, wait.

C-3P0 was always a little stiff.


That tauntaun knows who did it.

Really everything is Uncle Owen's fault.

Luke Skywalker likes to keep his clothes neat.

Sounds like Hamill was having a bad day.


Jedi High must've been a fun place to attend.

But not as fun as Jedi University.

Luke had better things to do aside from saving the galaxy.

Imagine tears welling in the eyes of whoever just asked for Hamill's autograph.

What a beatific scene.


Hopefully, the current trilogy will produce new cards upon which Hamill can leave his signature humor. And maybe Daisy Ridley can get in on this style of autographs.